Buyer’s right to refuse possession of flat upheld in case of delay in construction by developer

By Varsha G. Subramanian In a recent case[1], the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (“Commission”) disposed off three complaints regarding inordinate delay in construction of the projects in favour of flat buyers. The Complainants had

Liberalisation of foreign exchange regulations

By Varsha G Subramanian Enhanced limit under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (“LRS”) The Reserve Bank of India (the “RBI”) introduced LRS in 2004 to allow remittances outside India. Under the scheme, resident individuals are permitted

Special law of electronic evidence: Section 65B of The Evidence Act, 1872

By Varun Singh & Ruben George Rock A 2005 ruling of the Supreme Court of India in the State (NCT of Delhi) v. Navjot Sandhu alias Afsan Guru, which stood as an authority for more than nine

Ambit of ‘Drawee Bank’ for Negotiable Instruments Act

By Ruben George Rock  Following the trail of Dashrath Roopsingh case[1], and Ramanbhai Mathurbhai case[2], one more judgment with regard to jurisdiction of Courts in dishonour of cheque cases is up in the judicial matrix, delivered by

Bayer Corp. v. Union of India

By Apoorva Mandhani  The Supreme Court, in Bayer Corporation v. Union of India & Ors.[1], in December, 2014 upheld India’s first compulsory license by dismissing a Special Leave Petition filed by Bayer Corporation. The Apex Court upheld the

Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014

By Saurav Agarwal & Nischay Nagarwal The Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014[1] (“Bill”) was passed by Lok Sabha on 17th December 2014 in Parliament to make certain amendments in the Companies Act, 2013. The Companies Act, 2013 (“Act”) was

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