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With prowess in multiple fields, we understand the complex workings of the law and handle them with
a difference. We believe in customised solutions that address our client’s legal
needs effectively. From courtroom litigation to boardroom negotiations,
you’ll definitely want INDIALAW on your side of the table.

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With a dedicated team that understands legal and technical complexities involved in legal metrology, INDIALAW is your steady footing in an uncertain market. The team handles all aspects relating to legal metrology and provides for:

Approvals, Licensing and Registration  |  Regulatory Compliance & Auditing  |  Licensing of Manufacturers / Dealers / Distributors / Importers / Users / Repairers Dealing in Weights and Measures  |  Registration of Manufacturers / Packers / Importers of Pre-Packaged Commodities in Wholesale and Retail Trade  |  Approval of Product Labels / Packs, including artwork In Visual And Print Media  |  Legal Metrology Consultancy and Advisory Services  |  Employee Training and Awareness  |  Handling Matters with the Legal Metrology Department  |  Regulatory Litigations and Appeals