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Best Banking Law firm in India
Banking And Finance

At INDIALAW, we are proud of our robust proficiency in Banking and finance, Debt Restructuring, Debentures, and Project Finance. Our legal team, led by Partner – Shrishail and Associate Partner – Rakesh, showcase their dedication in every case, demonstrating a commitment to providing unparalleled legal services in these specialized areas.

Banking Law firm in India

Our Banking and Finance, and Project Finance practice area provides a wide range of legal services designed to support public sector banks, private banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), and borrowers. Clients often seek our expertise for loan transactions, regulatory and compliance issues, debt restructuring, issuing bonds or debentures, and the legal aspects of complex project finance deals.

Services Offered

Our offerings in this practice area include:

  1. Banking and Finance: We offer advice on all aspects of the loan transaction, from drafting and negotiating documents to addressing regulatory and compliance concerns.
  2. Debt Restructuring: We assist clients in restructuring their debts to facilitate more manageable repayments.
  3. Debentures: We advise on the issuance of bonds and debenture securities, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.
  4. Project Finance: We handle all legal aspects of project finance transactions, including structuring the deal, drafting and negotiating transaction documents, and providing advice on various regulatory issues.

Expertise and Experience

With a strong background in handling finance-related legal matters, we have advised both lenders and borrowers in corporate finance and project finance transactions across various sectors such as power, renewable energy, roads, metro rail, ports, steel, and oil & gas. Our track record includes the successful handling of mega power projects, mega port projects, and mega road projects, including prestigious projects initiated by the Government of India and NHAI under its PPP policy.

Our Approach

At INDIALAW, our approach is guided by our commitment to understanding our client’s unique needs and delivering tailored solutions to meet those needs. We believe in transparency, cultivating trust, and maintaining utmost confidentiality in all our client dealings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Banking and Finance law cover?

Banking and Finance law covers a wide array of topics concerning the regulation of banks, financial services, and financial institutions. It involves aspects of consumer protection, regulation of corporate finance, and governance.

What is Project Finance?

Project Finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects, and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure.

What is the role of a legal advisor in Project Finance?

The role of a legal advisor in project finance involves due diligence, transaction structuring, document drafting and negotiation, advising on regulatory requirements, and assisting with the financial close of the project.

What is Debt Restructuring?

Debt Restructuring is a process that allows a private or public company or a sovereign entity facing cash flow problems and financial distress, to reduce and renegotiate its delinquent debts to improve or restore liquidity.

What are Debentures?

Debentures are long-term financial instruments which acknowledge a debt obligation towards the issuer. They are a form of debt instrument, like bonds, which companies issue to raise capital.

What is the difference between Debentures and Bonds?

While both debentures and bonds represent a loan to the company, the primary difference lies in security. Bonds are secured loans, whereas debentures are typically unsecured.

With the constant number game and business troubles on your mind, we help share your workload documenting, auditing and reviewing paperwork or procedure. Our team works with you closely so that you can focus on running a profitable business. We offer:

Loan and Credit Documentation  |   Consortium Documentation  |   Security Documentation  |   Inter-Creditor Agreements  |   Restructuring  |   Filings and Registrations  |   Project Finance Auditing  |   Products Structuring  |   Corporate Governance & Regulatory Advice   |  


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