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With prowess in multiple fields, we understand the complex workings of the law and handle them with
a difference. We believe in customised solutions that address our client’s legal
needs effectively. From courtroom litigation to boardroom negotiations,
you’ll definitely want INDIALAW on your side of the table.

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In a country with the largest working population in the world, the INDIALAW team handles all aspects relating to Labour Law and Industrial relations including:

Compliance & Auditing  |  Drafting/Review of Hr Policies, Employment Agreement, Manpower Supply Contracts  |  Obtaining Licenses and Permits  |  Assistance in Constitution of Sexual Harassment (Prevention & Redressal) Committee, Conducting Enquiry, Providing Awareness and Trainings Programs to Employee and Management  |  Assistance in Domestic/Departmental Enquiry  |  Advisory on Matters Concerning Pension, Welfare Benefit Plans, Trade Union Issues, Employee Disputes, Employment Agreements, Employment Discrimination Laws etc.  |  Advisory on Major Industrial Reorganization and Restructuring including changes in the Work Force, Terms and Conditions of Employment etc.  |  Handling Industrial Disputes and Litigation.